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About Us

About Us

FDPI is an emerging, Australian-owned independent resource for preventive maintenance programs, spare parts, and full-service customer care for all liquid processing needs. Our professional team locates the parts you need and offers precise installation, maintenance, repair, and 24/7 accessibility to the beverage, food, dairy, and chemical processing industries.

Partnering our expertise with world-class suppliers of quality parts enables FDPI to offer our customers materials and service in one.
FDPI Spares & Maintenance is able to serve you quickly from our two locations: Central Victoria or our new 400 sqm factory in Warrnambool in the southwest. Whether on-site at these locations or visiting your shops, we can address all manner of service needs, including:
·         Spare parts supply
·         Servicing and Repairs of homogenisers, valves, pumps, and heat exchangers
·         Heat Exchanger Integrative Testing, certification, and repairs
·         Butter maker services
·         Maintenance contracts
·         Installations, modifications and calibrations
·         Professional support during major overhauls and installations
·         24/7 call out
·         Australian Business partners for: Flowtrend, Moody Direct, HRS Heat Exchangers, Ace Sanitary Hoses and Fittings, and Sepro Membrane Filters

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